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GAF Solar Shingles For Your Roof: What You Need to Know

gaf solar shingles producing energy

Here’s everything you need to know before you buy solar shingles – specifically GAF Energy Timberline Solar Shingles. We’ll answer questions including, “Are solar roof shingles as efficient as standard solar panels?” – as well as questions regarding durability and tax incentives. 

Choosing the Perfect Windows for Your Home Remodel

A remodeled house with a pathway leading to a newly landscaped lawn.

It would be a mistake to update your house’s interior while leaving drafty, ugly, and non-functioning windows in place. Are you contemplating a home remodel? Start by having new windows professionally installed. Here’s how to pick the perfect windows.

The Ultimate Guide to Home Remodeling

a family sits on the steps of their home.

It’s time to get started on those exterior home remodeling projects you have been contemplating for months (or years). Here’s how to pick a contractor and what to expect from the process.

National Earth Week – How to do your part

A tiny planet resting on a heap of soil.

Happy Earth Day! April 22, 2022 will be 52 years we have celebrated Earth Day, taking time to honor and care for this planet we call home. As many of you know (or maybe not, but now you do), every year Earth Day has a theme. Some from the past have been ‘climate action’, ‘protect […]

How to Get Ready for Roof Replacement

a close up of a roof of a house.

You need a strong, sturdy roof to protect your family and your home. If your current roof is no longer doing this, the time has come for a roof replacement. Roofs can last for years and, in many cases, decades, so you should take care of your investment and learn as much as you can […]

How Much Is It To Replace A Window?

a two story house with new windows

There are a variety of reasons you may be interested in replacing your windows. Perhaps your electric bills are higher than they should be because your drafty windows are letting your conditioned air go right outside. For some homeowners, a major storm has left damage that must be attended to as quickly as possible. Whatever […]

Want to Know What HCR Customers Really Think? Read On…

a group of people applauding each other with their hands together.

Every week we are inspired and humbled by the praise of our HCR customers. These comments are truly what fuel our ongoing passion for 100% customer satisfaction. Everything we do is motivated by the needs of our customers…and its reflected in the feedback we receive. Grateful for all of you, our loyal customers!! “Excellent; Professional; […]

Proudly Served Our Country, Now Proudly Serving our Community

a flag and a logo for a company.

We are proud of all our team members here at Homefix Custom Remodeling, but have a special respect for those who have served our country through the armed forces.   Corporately, we champion several causes and organizations that promote veterans. This stems from out tremendous gratitude for those who have served. Our gratitude begins here at […]

Affordability Factors

a house with money coming out of the roof.

If you are like me, your home is your biggest investment. You need to protect it, because its value depends on its condition. As any homeowner knows, that means spending money for upkeep and maintenance. With a roof, siding, insulation, doors, windows, and gutters to consider, in addition to mechanical systems, there are many demands […]