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From our energy-efficient vinyl siding and innovative composite cladding solution to the decorative accents that create custom style, we believe the ideal home is a welcoming space… uniquely revealed in the spirit of you.

If you are looking for fantastic siding for your home, you’re in the right place! Homefix  is a leading installer for vinyl siding in with hundreds of happy customers. It’s not hard to see why! A fresh installation of vinyl siding gives a whole new lease on life to the exterior of your home. Available in a huge variety of colors and styles, our vinyl siding is sure to add a sophisticated and attractive element to your home’s facade.

Signs You Need New Siding

New vinyl siding is an important investment, so right now you might be asking yourself, “How do I know if I need new siding?” Here are some common signs your house’s siding needs to be replaced:

  • Cracking, rotting or warping in the siding
  • Bubbles or holes in siding
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper inside
  • Siding needs frequent repainting
  • Lower than normal home energy efficiency

Why Choose Vinyl?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to siding for your home. What sets vinyl apart?

  • Cost – Vinyl siding is by far the most cost efficient of siding options, sometimes costing as much as a third less while still delivering exceptional performance.
  • Appearance – Available in a wide swath of gorgeous colors, and highly resistant to fading and unsightly decay, vinyl is a great-looking choice for any home.
  • Durability – In addition to longevity that many other materials can’t offer, the durability of vinyl siding means that your home is better protected from the elements. Most vinyl siding can withstand winds of 110 miles per hour, or more!
  • Energy Efficiency – Vinyl siding improves your home’s energy efficiency by bringing down thermal bridging. In other words, it acts as another layer of insulation that’s more effective than wood or metal. That means lower heating costs in winter and lower cooling costs in summer. That’s a big deal with Connecticut’s hot summers and cold winters.


What is home to you?

From basic design to ambitious detail, the ideal home often starts with a PERSONAL INSPIRATION. A rich color that draws
your eye, or a new twist to an established style. It’s an infusion of craftsmanship and artistry, distinctive in personality

from the angles of the rooftop to the color of the front door. Most of all, the ideal home is a familiar and welcoming space, a mix of quality and culture . . . uniquely revealed in the spirit of you.

Siding Profiles & Textures
Set the stage for your home’s exterior design by exploring our wide variety of siding profiles and textures. Horizontal, vertical, special shapes

Quick Tips:

• Rule of thumb: use 3 – 6 colors, depending on the siding and trim

• If you choose to use 2 siding colors on the same home, use the darker shade on the bottom

• One trim color and one accent color for doors and shutters
• Mix siding with shakes, scallops or stone veneer for custom appeal


Siding Product Brochures

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At Homefix Custom Remodeling, we are committed to keeping our customers happy with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We strive to ensure the full satisfaction of each and every customer, with each and every job.

  • We stand behind our work with the strongest warranties in the business.
  • We perform a final inspection and review our work with you before we leave your home.
  • We will review your product's manufacturer warranty with you as we plan your project, as specific warranties vary by types and manufacturers.
  • Our designated Service Manager will attend to any issue that might arise.

Our business relies upon the reputation we forge through a job well done, and as a result, repeat and referral customers are a significant part of our ever-growing family of customers. We work tirelessly to please you. After your job is completed to your satisfaction, any questions or concerns you have the next day, the next week or the next year – we are here for you. No question is too small and no issue is beneath our attention. Once you are a Homefix Custom Remodeling customer, you are our customer for life.


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