There are many exciting career tracks that are available right now at HomeFix Custom Remodeling. We are a well-established and popular home improvement company in Maryland, with locations in North Carolina, Virginia and Florida. We need good people who can help us continue to grow. Our company’s most important focus is doing great work for each customer to continue building our legacy of success. A 5 Star review is our goal with every customer

Our legacy of success will grow by us attracting and developing great people. Our focus is to provide a place to work where good people love to come to work, are proud to work here, and get excited to help home and building owners achieve their remodeling goals. Success and job satisfaction comes when people are helping others in a healthy workplace environment.

Homefix is currently seeking a qualified and experienced candidates in all categories! The greatest attributes we seek in our people is integrity, intelligence, a willingness to work hard for success and a strong passion to make the customer very happy with HomeFix Custom Remodeling.

Thank you for your interest in HomeFix Custom Remodeling!

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