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4 Reasons Homeowners Wish They’d Switched To Ascend Composite Cladding Sooner

exterior of home showing ascend cladding

If you’re searching for information about choosing the right siding for your home, you’re not alone. After all, it hasn’t always been an easy choice to make. 

Get the choice wrong, and you could be facing a series of costly missteps, endless maintenance, and the nagging feeling that your home’s exterior is just not living up to its potential. 

The relief of making the right siding choice, however, is immeasurable. It’s not just about the immediate curb appeal, either. It’s also about securing a long-term investment in your home’s future.

That’s why we at HomeFix have found Ascend Composite Cladding to be such a game-changer for homeowners and property managers alike. At HomeFix Custom Remodeling, we’ve worked with thousands of homeowners in the North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and Tampa, FL areas since 1990, so it’s our goal to make sure our customers get the best when it comes to their siding and their homes.

If you’re on the fence about which siding to choose, stick with us as we dive into why Ascend Composite Cladding is quickly becoming the go-to choice for those in the know.

Why Homeowners Are Embracing Ascend Composite Cladding

graphic showing the benefits of ascend cladding

As a homeowner, there are a number of concerns you likely have when it comes to choosing your siding, from the Initial cost and the ongoing maintenance to how well it’s going to perform over the long-haul. 

Here’s a breakdown of the four key reasons why Ascend Composite Cladding is capturing the hearts (and walls) of homeowners everywhere:

  1. Upscale Curb Appeal – With its authentic 7” flat-face cedar mill grain plank design, Ascend offers the timeless look of wood without the upkeep. Available in 20 fade-resistant architectural colors, it ensures your home stays on-trend, reflecting your personal style. What’s more, it pairs seamlessly with multiple trim packages, allowing for a cohesive look that lets your home’s exterior shine.
  2. Virtually Maintenance-Free – Unlike fiber cement and engineered wood that demand regular maintenance to maintain their color, Ascend Composite Cladding is designed to stand the test of time and weather without the need for touch-ups. This not only cuts down on maintenance costs but also frees up your weekends for more enjoyable activities.
  3. Proven Performance – With a Class A fire rating for enhanced safety, an R-value of 2.0 for added energy efficiency, and the ability to resist high winds and moisture impact, Ascend ensures your home is protected from the elements. Its long-term durability means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is secure.
  4. Lower Total Installation Cost – Cost-effectiveness is where Ascend truly shines. Typically resulting in at least a 10% lower installed cost compared to fiber cement or engineered wood, Ascend saves you money while simplifying the installation process.
  5. Lifetime Warranty – Your investment is safeguarded by a lifetime warranty, promising enduring beauty and performance. Additionally, enjoy peace of mind with protection against excessive fading and hail damage up to 1″, ensuring your cladding remains pristine for years to come.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these points to see how Ascend Composite Cladding delivers on those promises.

1. Ascend Composite Cladding Gives Your Home The Glow-Up It Deserves

exterior of home using ascend cladding

When we talk about giving our homes a makeover, it’s not just about a fresh coat of paint or some new landscaping. 

It’s about making a statement that doesn’t just boost your home’s curb appeal and its potential resale value but also your quality of life. Your home’s exterior is the last thing you see when you drive off to work in the morning, as well as the first thing you see when you get back home in the evening. 

With Ascend Composite Cladding, you’ll make sure your home looks as good as it deserves. Here’s how Ascend ups the ante on curb appeal:

  • Like Wood, But Better – With Ascend, you get that sought-after 7” flat-face cedar mill grain look that has all of the looks of high-end natural wood, minus the high maintenance. It’s the perfect choice for those who love the natural beauty of wood but could do without the upkeep.
  • No Compromising On Color – When you have 20 fade-resistant colors to choose from, achieving just the look you want – from sleek modern style to a cozy cottage feel – is a snap. Knowing that color will last is the icing on the cake!
  • The Perfect Match – While Ascend Composite Cladding is primarily about siding, what many homeowners are surprised to learn is how well it complements everything else—from the trim around your windows to the decorative details that make your home uniquely yours. 

For those looking to match specific color schemes, Ascend offers color-match formulas in collaboration with Sherwin Williams, ensuring a perfect blend with your home’s aesthetics. Feel free to check out the color-match formulas reference sheet here.

2. Kiss Costly Upkeep Goodbye

home using ascend exterior cladding

Let’s face it: maintaining a home can feel like a never-ending battle against the elements, and your siding is on the front lines.

The painting, the staining, the repairing—when does it stop? Is a maintenance-free home just a dream that we’ll never actually be able to enjoy?

With Ascend Composite Cladding, you get a siding that makes those dreams real. 

Here’s how it helps to take maintenance down to just about zero:

  • Forget the Paintbrush – Unlike fiber cement and engineered wood, which seem to beg for a new coat of paint just after you’ve put away the ladder, Ascend never needs to be painted. Its color stays vibrant and true, year after year, saving you not just the hassle but also the expense of repainting.
  • Less Work, More Play – Imagine a siding that just… well, sits there looking beautiful without asking for anything in return. That’s Ascend for you. It’s designed to resist the common ailments that plague other siding materials—fading, chipping, and cracking—leaving you more time for the things you actually enjoy.
  • A Clean Look with Zero Effort – With Ascend, your home’s exterior stays looking fresh and clean, with minimal effort on your part. No more weekends lost to upkeep or worrying about how your siding will hold up against the next big storm. 

It’s true that there’s nothing that’s completely maintenance-free – like any siding, it’s a good idea to use a garden hose with clear water once in a while to clear off the cobwebs – Ascend Composite Cladding is a clear step above the competition.

ascend composite cladding benefits

3. Performance That Packs a Punch

In the world of home exteriors, “tough” doesn’t even begin to cover what homeowners need. You want siding that’s able to withstand whatever nature throws its way.

That’s where Ascend Composite Cladding comes in, with features that are as smart as they are strong. Here’s the breakdown of what goes into Ascend Composite Cladding:

  • Brace Against the Gale – With a reinforced nail hem, Ascend stands its ground against wind speeds up to an impressive 180 mph. It’s like having an invisible shield around your home, ensuring that even the fiercest storms won’t ruffle your siding’s feathers.
  • Lock in the Goodness – The innovative Stack Lock feature not only makes installation a breeze but also ensures a consistent, seamless appearance. It’s like a puzzle that perfectly fits every time, leaving no room for gaps or misalignments.
  • The Genius of (GP)² Technology – Ascend is the world’s first to harness the (GP)² technology, a blend of Glass-Reinforced Polymer and Graphite-Infused Polystyrene. This gives Ascend its Class A Fire Rating, reducing flame spread and smoke development, alongside unmatched thermal and impact resistance. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a chilly winter night, Ascend keeps your home comfortable and safe.

While the first thing you or your guests may notice about your siding is its style, you know the real value comes when that beauty is more than skin deep. With Ascend, you’re getting a siding that puts a priority on lasting performance.

4. Cut Costs, Not Corners

black and white ascend cladding

Who says quality upgrades have to break the bank? When it comes to revamping your home’s exterior, Ascend Composite Cladding gives you unrivaled quality at a fraction of the cost. 

Let’s dive into the economics of choosing Ascend:

  • Save Up To 10% – On average, homeowners see at least a 10% lower installed cost when they opt for Ascend over alternatives like fiber cement or engineered wood. Those savings take into account both upfront spending as well as what you’ll save over time with a durable, reliable siding.
  • Simplify and Save – Forget the specialized tools, the respirators, and the hours spent on touch-ups. Ascend’s user-friendly installation means projects are completed faster and more efficiently. This streamlined process is not just a win for your schedule. It also reduces labor costs and minimizes project timelines.
  • Maintenance? What Maintenance? – While fiber cement and engineered wood have their fans, these are two demanding materials – think regular painting and touch-ups to keep them looking their best. Ascend, on the other hand, is the low-maintenance partner you’ve been dreaming of. No painting, no frequent touch-ups, just years of unyielding beauty and performance. This means more savings over the lifespan of your siding, freeing up your budget for other home improvement dreams.

Your Next Siding Project Deserves Ascend Composite Cladding

With its blend of beauty, performance, and cost-effectiveness, Ascend is setting a new standard in home siding. Whether you’re a homeowner or a property manager, it’s clear that for long-term satisfaction and minimal upkeep, Ascend is the way to go.

Curious to learn more about how Ascend Composite Cladding can transform your home? Contact HomeFix Custom Remodeling today, and let’s explore how Ascend can help your home stand out for all the right reasons.