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Homefix Custom Remodeling is one of the leading companies providing new home roofing installation and replacement to the residents of Charlotte and across the area. Our dependable team of experienced and skilled professionals is equipped with both the knowledge and the cutting-edge technology necessary to provide you with the state-of-the-art roofing that will make your home safe.

Moreover, we’re one of the rare proud recipients of the GAF Certified Master Elite Roofing Contractors certificate, which demonstrates that we dedicate our methods and operations to providing highest-quality quality services. We also provide extensive warranties for all our products, including GAF, for your peace of mind.

How do I know I should call roof replacement contractors in Charlotte?

  1. Age
    If your roof is more than 20 years old, you can probably notice typical signs of aging, wear and tear, and deterioration. This means you should reach out to your local new home roof contractors.
  2. Damage
    Visible signs of damage are certain indicators you should start considering new roofing for your home in Charlotte. These signs include loose, broken, cracked, or missing shingles, which can expose your house to the elements.
  3. Sagging
    Sagging indicates that the structure of your roofing has been weakened as a result of a broken rafter or extensive water damage. Either way, this situation requires an assessment by professional roofing contractors.
  4. Water
    Any kind of water damage poses a high risk of additional damage to your home in Charlotte and requires immediate attention. Your local specialists will carefully evaluate the situation and devise a systematic solution.

Why opt for Homefix
for your roofing replacement?

The satisfaction of our clients is our top priority, which is why we provide a 100% guarantee for all our products and services. With us, your home will always be safe from the harsh weather conditions. We’ve built our reputation following three key principles:

  • Efficiency: We provide high-quality energy-efficient roofing installation and replacement and make sure your home is well-isolated, so you can rest easy knowing that you can keep your utility bills under control throughout the year.
  • Security: Our reliable solutions provide comprehensive protection during the most severe weather conditions. We make sure your roofing resists any kind of water damage. 
  • Beauty: Apart from the high-quality protection, we also offer a selection of styles to choose from. Explore our colors, materials, and designs to create the roofing that boosts your home’s aesthetics. 

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Explore the benefits of our financing & design software

Our GAF Virtual Roof Designer software can help you create your perfect new roof by mixing and matching different shingle trims, styles, and colors. Once you have your ideal combination, we’ll provide you with a cost estimate and help you choose one of the many financing options that we offer, including Home Equity Loans, Unsecured Loans, Secured Loans, and Personal Loans.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most popular roof style?

One of the most popular new home roof styles in the United States is gable roof. 

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What shape of roof is most energy-efficient?

According to research, low-sloped or flat roofs are more energy-efficient than other types. 

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What is the best month to replace a roof?

The best months for new home roofing installation are September, October, and November. 

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Will a new roof increase homeowner’s insurance?

Installing a new roof can definitely lower your insurance premium. 

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Who provides the best roof installation and replacement near me in Charlotte, NC & beyond?

With decades of experience in the industry, Homefix Custom Remodeling has become the leading roof service provider across Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re close to the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art or near the North Carolina Zoo, we’ll be there when you need us.

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