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As we reflect on the past year and even our entire 25 year history we can’t help but think of the many loyal customers we have served. Thank you for inviting us into your homes and giving us the opportunity to serve you. We are so grateful for the many folks who have entrusted their homes to us. We’re also grateful for the many who gave us feedback and encouragement in our work. Just this week, we received this feedback from a customer:

“Thanks again for the 90 day follow up call about our new roof.
We are really happy with the service that you and your company provided.
I really appreciated your help when I had questions in regards to what I thought were issues after installation. You and your team took the time to show and explain to me everything that I thought was an issue but was not.

I really want to thank you for taking my calls after hours (OK you need better cell service at your home).  But it was refreshing to deal with a company that took to heart the meaning that if you have an issue, call me anytime.

I was surprised (in the good way) when we were communicating on my perceived issues that you kept contacting me to see if members of your team had gotten back to me to fix the issues.

That is unheard of.  Thank you.

I really look forward to working with you in the future on the window issues we talked about when you were out here on the roof issues.”

Paul K., Homeowner

Thank you, Paul, for the great feedback; and thank you to all our customers. We hope you’ve found as many things to be thankful for this season as we have! We at Homefix Custom Remodeling will continue to put the customer first and will continue to provide exceptional quality and service. Thank you for allowing us to serve your community the past 25 years!!