Keith Sinnott, Senior Vice President

Keith Sinnott, Chief Marketing Officer Keith Sinnott has worked in every department of  Homefix Custom Remodeling which engages the customer. His deepest passion, however,  is marketing where he gains the most satisfaction from dealing with the day to day experiences between his team and the clients of HCR. His success stems from the belief that every interaction should be positive for both the customer and company. HCR has achieved growth  nearly doubling its size in the past five years, and with his guidance, is poised to repeat that pace in the next five. Keith looks forward the bright future for all of HCR’s family, both employees and customers. The positive influence Homefix Custom Remodeling continues to make in the communities we serve propels him. Keith’s ingenious marketing campaigns coupled with his unending commitment to assimilating the ideas of his staff into everyday business practice make working at Homefix Custom Remodeling a joy.

Keith has worked side by side with Adam Shampaine (CEO) for the past several years.  The two men continue to expand their competitive and cooperative relationship they forged at St. Mary’s College of Maryland some 20+ years ago. He lives with his wife Kate and son Brady in his hometown of Bowie, MD.

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