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Telephone Consumer Protection Act Policy

By providing your name or any contact information for you through this website, including through the above online quote request form, or by requesting a quote or other information from Homefix Custom Remodeling, Corp. (“HCR”) through this website, you are granting to HCR and its affiliate companies or vendors, including, specifically Installation Services by HCR, LLC and Solar Energy World, LLC [together with HCR, collectively the “Parties Granted Consent”], explicit and express consent to be contacted by or on behalf of the Parties Granted Consent, with consent as defined by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, 47 U.S.C. § 227 (the “TCPA”) or any state law derivative of or supplemental to the TCPA, including, but not limited to, the Virginia Telephone Privacy Protection Act (“VTPPA”), Va. Stat. § 59.1-510, et seq.; Washington, D.C. Telephone Fraud Act (“DCTFA”), DC Code § 22-3226.01, et seq.; DC Code § 34–1701; Pennsylvania Telemarketer Registration Act (“PTRA”), 73 P.S. § 2241, et seq.; Delaware Telemarketing Fraud Act (“DTFA”), 6 De. Code § 2501A, et seq.; North Carolina Telephone Solicitations Act (“NCTSA”), NC Gen Stat § 75-100, et seq.; South Carolina Telephone Privacy Protection Act (“SCTPPA”), SC Code § 37-21-10, et seq.; Florida Telephone Solicitation Act (“FTSA”), Fla. Stat. § 501.059; or any other local, state, or federal law applicable to telephone and/or related marketing activities, consumer protection, or similar laws/regulations. Such consent encompasses contacts made through the use of equipment which has the capacity to store or produce telephone numbers to be called, using a random or sequential number generator and to dial such numbers or otherwise by means of telephone, email, or text including using artificial and/or pre-recorded or auto dialed phone calls or text messages to the phone number you have provided, including your wireless number, if provided, and even if you are on the National Do Not Call Registry or any other similar list created under state or other law. Consent to contact doesn’t require you to purchase any service. By making any online quote or other information request through this website, you further agree to HCR’s website Terms of Use available here and HCR’s Privacy Policy available here.
By entering my name and/or clicking the submit button (which I intend to serve as my electronic signature under applicable law), I agree to be contacted on behalf of Homefix Custom Remodeling, Corp. (“HCR”) (to include HCR’s agents, assigns, affiliated companies, or any one calling on its behalf) for any and all purposes (including but not limited to advertising, debt collection, billing, and information about previously purchased goods or services), at the telephone number (to include a wireless or wireline telephone number) or electronic address I provided above or on any web-based form on this website. I agree that HCR may contact me in any way at the number I provided above, including calls or text messages delivered by an automatic telephone dialing system, or an artificial prerecorded voice, and contact me via email at the email address I provide. I authorize HCR to deliver telephonic sales calls (by telephone call, text message, or voicemail transmission) to the number I provided using an automated system for the selection or dialing of telephone numbers, the playing of a recorded message when a connection is completed to a number called, or the transmission of a pre-recorded voicemail. I understand that the consent I am providing applies even if the phone number I provided is on any “Do Not Call” list, including but not limited to the National Do Not Call Registry maintained by the Federal Trade Commission, or any similar such list or registry created by any applicable state law or maintained by any state entity or agency, such as the “‘no sales solicitation calls’ listing” maintained by the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. I understand I am not required to provide this consent in order to receive services from HCR. I agree to notify HCR at any time my contact information changes. I further agree to HCR’s website Terms of Use available here and HCR’s Privacy Policy available here.