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Homefix Custom Remodeling is the leader in siding replacement and installation and we’ve been delivering premium-quality services in Washington, DC and across the area for more than 30 years. We incessantly work on honing our methods to make sure we meet your expectations. Our dependable team of experienced specialists utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide you with outstanding results.

Whether your siding is damaged, or you’re simply looking to spruce up your home, our dedicated experts will help you create the solution that fits your needs by making a careful selection from a range of options on offer, including vertical siding designs, colors, and materials. Let’s work together to render your home even more aesthetically appealing.

Why hire siding installation contractors in Washington, DC?

  1. Durability
    Vinyl house siding is durable, resistant, and can withstand strong winds alongside extreme and changeable weather conditions. It will keep your home properly protected from the elements.
  2. Energy efficiency
    Installing vinyl house siding renders your home more energy-efficient compared to wood or metal siding. It works as an additional layer of insulation and allows your HVAC to operate efficiently.
  3. Appearance
    Highly resistant to decay and fading and available in a broad selection of colors, your new vinyl siding can perfectly complement your home’s style.
  4. Cost-effectiveness
    Quality vinyl siding is the most cost-effective solution, yet it renders excellent performance and provides efficient protection for your home.

Why reach out to Homefix for quality siding replacement?

We always strive to provide our clients in Washington, DC with highly-customized quality solutions that secure your complete satisfaction. Our operations are based on three vital principles:

  • Efficiency: Our experienced siding installers use contemporary tools and technology and take a meticulous approach to provide you with the most efficient solutions.
  • Security: Your home will be completely safe and protected against strong winds and elements with our reliable new house siding installation.
  • Beauty: While quality comes first, aesthetics also matter. Choose from a range of different features for the final outcome you’ll love.

Our awards reflect our quality

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Meticulous customer support & varied financing options

We focus our efforts on keeping our clients happy and satisfied, which is why we provide you with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that applies to all our products and services. Should you face any issues, feel free to contact your Service Manager, and you’ll receive a prompt and efficient solution. What’s more, we’ll help you choose from a range of financing options, including Secured and Unsecured Loans.

Frequently asked questions

What are the steps to siding a house?

New house siding replacement in Washington, DC includes several steps that are necessary for proper installation.

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What goes on a house before siding?

Before you place new siding on your sheathing, it’s necessary to apply a mid-layer.

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How much siding do I need for my house?

The amount of material you’ll need for your new siding installation in Washington, DC depends on the square footage of your home.

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How many years does siding last?

The lifespan of your new house siding depends on several factors such as the climate and quality of the siding material.

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Who are the first-rate new siding installation & replacement contractors near me in Washington, DC & beyond?
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