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Homefix Custom Remodeling was founded more than 30 years ago, in 1991, and since then we’ve risen through the ranks and become the leading experts in replacement and installation of high-quality energy efficient home windows across Suffolk and other nearby areas. We’ve created a comprehensive approach that ensures you receive tailored solutions that suit you and your home, not run-of-the-mill windows you won’t be able to rely on.

By partnering with Extreme, we ensure all our customers receive cutting-edge solutions that bring enhanced visual appeal, reduced energy bills, and improved home comfort and convenience. We use only locally-sourced products from Pennsylvania custom-made per our exact specifications, which is how we enact absolute control over every single pane we install and how we provide lighting-fast turnover times to all our clients.

When should I contact new home windows installers in Suffolk?

  1. Rising costs of heating and cooling
    Homes with old windows, especially single-pane, provide less efficient retention of cool and hot air in your home, as well as provide less protection against exterior weather conditions, causing rising utility costs that you can avoid by installing new Extreme energy efficient windows.
  2. Constant drafts
    Experiencing drafts emanating from your windows, especially during windy days, is one of the first signs that you should think about hiring professionals to replace your aging windows with new ones that will make your home both less drafty, but also more energy efficient.
  3. Improper functioning
    Another certain sign that you need to consider high-quality window replacement is that you’re starting to experience difficulty when trying to fully close your windows and open them. If they’re not working as they should be, it’s time for new solutions for your home.
  4. Poor aesthetic appeal
    Finally, if your windows are starting to look their age, it’s probably high time you started thinking about which window replacement contractors from Suffolk you should hire to install new home windows and introduce all the benefits of new doors and windows into your life.

Why go for Homefix to install your new house windows?

At our company, we foster the philosophy of professional excellence, which is why we always provide all our customers across Suffolk, Virginia and other nearby areas high-quality solutions at competitive prices.
The products we offer, for example our cutting-edge Soft-Lite line, ensure durability, longevity, and security, as well as:

  • Efficiency: Advanced windows we install feature double, sometimes triple panes and ultra-tight seals, making them extremely effective at increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and maintaining your desired indoor temperature.
  • Security: All the products we offer have fusion-welded seams and very resilient locks that serve to boost the level of security for your home and provide you with a peace of mind your aging windows simply cannot offer.
  • Beauty: Finally, we offer a wide selection of available sizes, colors, styles, and trim for our new windows and doors, which ensures you’re able to find the look that matches both your personality and the rest of your home.

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Not sure how to finance the home improvements you’re planning?

Not everybody can afford professional window replacement out of their own pocket, which is why we’ve taken the time to assemble several different financing options for you to choose from, divided into two categories – Secured Loans and Unsecured Loans. If you’re looking for more information on the financing options we offer to residents of Suffolk and other nearby areas and find out which one might be suitable for you, click or tap the button below.

Frequently asked questions

Can I Install my own windows?

No, it’s not advisable to perform the installation of new energy-efficient windows on your home in Suffolk if you don’t have previous experience in this field.

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Is it worth it to install new windows?

Yes, hiring your expert local window installation contractors from Suffolk is definitely worth the investment for several reasons:

  • Increased value of your home
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Reduced potential for allergens and dust
  • Enhanced home comfort and convenience
  • Better noise reduction
  • Improved energy efficiency
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Does replacing windows increase home value?

Yes, hiring a reputable local company from Suffolk, VA to perform comprehensive window replacement throughout your home and install modern, energy-efficient solutions will definitely increase the value of your home.

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How much does window replacement cost?

The cost of window replacement in Suffolk depends on several factors, such as:

  • The type of window you wish to install
  • The number of windows on your property
  • The finish
  • The material of the frame
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Who’s the leader among window replacement companies in Suffolk, VA & beyond?

With more than thirty years of industry experience and excellence, Homefix Custom Remodeling is your go-to company for different types of home improvement projects across Norfolk and the nearby communities of Florida, Maryland, Carolina, and Virginia, including Suffolk.

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