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Homefix Custom Remodeling has been providing residents of Washington, DC, and the region with energy-efficient solar shingle replacement and installation services for over three decades. We boast a team of devoted and diligent specialists who possess the skills needed to give your house an advanced power supply, trimming both your carbon footprint and energy expenses.

We’ve formed a partnership with GAF Energy to launch the innovative Timberline Solar™. Our revolutionary system combines solar technology and traditional roof installation for a superior result. We are proud to be one of the select few companies in the United States licensed to install this energy-saving system.

Why should I call solar shingle installation contractors in Washington, DC?

  1.  Lower carbon footprint
    By utilizing high-quality solar shingles to generate energy, you can boost your home’s sustainability and drastically reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, and minimize your carbon footprint.
  2.  Cost savings
    Solar shingles are cost-effective and can help you save money on your energy bills over time. Additionally, you may be eligible for various incentives and rebates for homeowners who switch to solar energy.
  3. Home value increase
    The switch to solar energy can increase your home’s value, making it more attractive to potential buyers.
  4. Aesthetics
    In addition to the functional benefits, solar shingle installation can also add aesthetic appeal to your home. They’re designed to blend in with your roof, adding curb appeal to your home.

Why Homefix is the go-to choice for solar shingle replacement 

Our mission is to ensure that our customers receive the highest-grade and personalized home solutions crafted with your vision in mind. Our unwavering commitment to quality is at the very heart of all that we do, and driving this success are our fundamental values:

  • Efficiency: Our top-quality, GAF-guaranteed shingles are fortified to endure gusts of wind up to 130 mph and offer extreme water protection.
  • Security:  Transform your current roof and integrate renewable energy sources to design tailored solutions that guarantee the safety of both your home and family.
  • Beauty: Our products offer a range of attractive solutions, including the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™ and Timberline Solar™, a revolutionary shingle that can be nailed on.

Our accolades are a testament to our work

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An array of financing options & a devoted customer service

We’ll do more than provide you with top-of-the-line quality solar shingle replacement and installation. We’ll help you find the financing option that fits your needs, including Unsecured and Secured Loans. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, standing behind every installation or replacement we deliver. In case you encounter any issues with your solar shingles, contact your Service Manager and receive immediate assistance.

We’ll not only provide you with energy-efficient shingle replacement and installation, but also assist you in finding the right financing solution for your needs. We offer Unsecured and Secured Loans that fit any budget. We are committed to providing exceptional service and back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should you experience any difficulties with your solar shingles, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Service Manager for prompt assistance and resolution of the issue.

Frequently asked questions

Does solar shingle installation pay off?

Solar shingles have the potential to provide a great return on investment. Depending on your local utility rates and the solar incentives available in your area, solar shingle installation in Washington, DC, can reduce electricity bills significantly.

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How do solar shingles work?

Solar shingles are an innovative new way to generate your own renewable energy and reduce your carbon footprint with the power of the sun.

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How often should I replace solar shingles?

Solar shingles typically have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years, but it’s always best to check with the manufacturer for specific details about your product.

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What is the difference between solar shingles and panels?

Solar shingles are a type of roofing material that have been integrated with photovoltaic cells, allowing them to convert sunlight into electricity. Solar panels, on the other hand, are separate units that must be installed onto a roof or other surface in order to convert sunlight into electricity.

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What is the leading solar shingle installation company in Washington, DC & beyond?

With over three decades of success in the industry, Homefix Custom Remodeling is the leading provider of comprehensive home remodeling services in Washington, DC and the region.  Whether your property is in the vicinity of Arlington County or closer to the Washington National Cathedral, our specialists have you covered.

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