SigmaStone Quartz

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Top Ten Reasons to Choose Quartz

  1. Quartz is the hardest non-gem stone in existence
  2. 99.9% non-porous solid surface is Bacteria Resistant
  3. 100% Maintenance free. No toxic sealing agents required!
  4. Easy to clean using warm water and mild soap
  5. Superior resistance to chips, scratches, staining, and scorching
  6. Made of 93% naturally derived material
  7. 7% resins and pigments made in America by 3M adds flexibility and prevents cracking
  8. Man made material allows for consistency in color and pattern
  9. Eco-Friendly: Green-Guard Gold, NSF, and CE certified
  10. Named #1 countertop for resale value

Precision Matters

When it comes time to replace your countertops, HCR uses the most sophisticated system on the market to measure your kitchen. The LT-55 3D laser templating system digitally scans your walls and cabinets and uploads the info into AutoCAD. High resolution photos are then taken of your actual slab of Quartz material and with the help of Slabsmith software, our fabricators are able to overlay the AutoCAD template on top of the digital photo to insure a perfect cut, free of imperfections.  This information is then uploaded to the Park Fusion Water Jet which cuts your SigmaStone countertops into any shape imaginable with a combination of water and garnet dust operating at a staggering 100,000 PSI. Finally, your counters are finished with your choice of edge profile using an 8-step diamond polishing system to ensure a shine that never fades!

Luxury Kitchen
SigmaStone counter

A Beautiful Collection of Colors to Choose From.

Ancient Gray
Antique Taupe
Golden Taupe
Gray Fog
Gray Shadow
Gray Shimmer
Leather Brown
Slate Gray
Solar Beige
Spirit Swirl
Storm Cloud
Waterfall White
White Mountain
Almond Rock
Almond Sand
Carrara Classico
Dove Gray
Dark Gray
Gray Pearl
Marmi Carrara
Pebble White
Pewter Stone
Polar White

For the full collection of SigmaStone colors available, please consult your representative.