Selling Your House?

Have you decided against replacing your old roof because you’re planning to sell your house anyway? You may want to rethink that.

The benefits of replacing your roof before you sell are many…

Replacing your roof before selling may very well help you sell your home faster. And replacing your roof before you sell may also help you obtain a better price. In addition, replacing your roof now will put buyers minds at ease that a new roof will not be a big expense they have to take on; it will assure buyers that yours is a home well taken care of. Add to that the improved curb appeal and increased likelihood that potential buyers will be able to picture themselves living in your home and suddenly, the idea of replacing your roof before selling, becomes a no-brainer.

Still not convinced? Look at these before and after pics…a new roof totally transformed this house.


Contact Homefix Custom Remodeling today to talk about replacing your roof. We’ll get the job done quick and we’ll get the job done right so you can get your home on the market and get on with your future.

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