Why Choose Energy Efficient Roofing

An efficient roof protects your home AND reduces your energy bills.

The most obvious sign of a faulty roof that is need of replacement or repair, is a leak during a rain storm. However, the roof plays a much larger role in the efficiency of your entire home, and even your household energy bills.

Energy efficient roofing strikes the proper balance between insulation and ventilation. In hot weather, the sun bearing down on your home can actually work against the efforts of your air conditioning system. A roofing system with the proper SPF and insulation will resist heat gain, meaning that your air conditioning system will need to run less often in order to maintain a cooler temperature.

In cold weather, your heating system will combat the winter chill. Because heat rises, an energy efficient roofing system will help retain the heat, instead of leaking it to the exterior. This means that your home will stay more comfortable during the winter months, and that you will need to use less energy to maintain the temperature.

An efficient roofing system will also help prevent ice dams, which can form during winter weather events. Heavy ice dams can place undue stress on the structure of the roof, damaging gutters and drainage systems, or even the roof itself.

Because energy efficient roofing is properly installed and insulated to save energy, it is also sealed to provide protection against leaks and extreme weather.

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