3 Reasons to Invest in a Walk in Bathtub Installation

If you’re considering a walk in tub installation, now is the time to move forward with these plans. You never know the day you are going to slip and fall climbing into your current tub! A walk in tub allows you to get in without fear. You sit, the water rises, and you’re enjoying yourself in the relaxing atmosphere you deserve. The seat located in the tub allows you to sit down and wash yourself with ease.

There are three main reasons people make the decision to have a walk in tub installed:

#1 It’s safer.

You must take a pretty big step into a slippery area to get into your current tub, and that’s putting yourself at risk for a catastrophic slip and fall. A walk-in model eliminates that risk! A walk in bathtub installation provides added safety to your home’s bathroom, something that is welcomed to many people for a variety of reasons. Walk-in tubs are non-slip, plus the wall of the tub can be opened easily, and sealed when closed. Only a very small step is needed to get in. Slipping is never a big concern.

#2 It aids in pain management. 

In addition to it being safer warm water is a tried, tested, and proven combatant of pain! The seat in a walk in tub also allows for better pain management. Arthritis, past injuries, chronic conditions, and conditions caused by aging can make standing in a shower or getting in and out of a regular tub difficult. A raised seat in your new tub gives you a simple way to soak your aches and pains. 

#3 It’s even more relaxing! 

Lastly, you get in the bathtub for relaxation, and wow- does this bathtub provide that! With jets, you can think of your walk in tub as your own personal spa. Stress can be detrimental to your general health, and relieving stress is part of living well. These jets provide added relaxation during your bath time. Sitting in your walk in bathtub with the jets on can give you just what you need to lower your blood pressure and wash away the stress of the day.

Although some people may think that their standard bathtub is enough, and investing in a walk in tub isn’t really necessary. These three items listed here show you the benefits of switching to a better type of tub and prove that mindset is not correct! There are models to suit any size bathroom or particular tub need. All that is left to do now is to contact a company to learn more about the installation.

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