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Great quality replacement windows will breathe new life into your home. They will reduce your energy bill, and they increase your home’s value. Our beautiful and well-engineered Xtreme Windows are made locally in Pennsylvania, and are crafted exclusively for HCR. Because we source locally, we have better control over the production process. This also means we usually have a shorter lead time to installation.
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Signs you May Need New Windows

  1. They Don’t Work That Well Any Longer
    How many of the windows still operate the way they were intended to work? When you think about it, the living room windows are increasingly hard to open. By contrast, the windows in your bedroom are very easy to open; the problem is getting the sashes to remain that way.
  2. They Aren’t Energy Efficient
    Given the age of the house, it’s no wonder that the windows aren’t as energy efficient as the ones offered today. While it’s not that big of a deal during more moderate weather, you’re wasting a lot of energy during the summer and the winter.
  3. They’re Dragging Down the Look of Your Home
    You may not realize it, but those old windows are making the home look bad. It’s not something that’s necessarily noticed at first, but the poor condition tends to make the place look a little unkempt. Even a fresh coat of paint won’t dispel the look.
  4. You Never Really Liked the Style Anyway
    Admit it. You never liked the window style anyway. Maybe it looked somewhat dated or you found them generally unattractive.
    Don’t let indecision keep you from enjoying new windows. Simply fill out the form above, give us a call or download one of our free replacement window brochures and we’ll get in touch. We would love to help you.

Why Choose Homefix for your Window Replacements?

To best serve the needs of our service area, we’re proud to provide customers with state-of-the-art window products, including Soft-Lite windows, which are produced through a strict manufacturing process to ensure reliable performance.
Here are just a few benefits of installing new windows with Homefix:

  • Efficiency: One of the most notable characteristics of today’s windows is that they’re often optimized for energy efficiency. These windows boast ultra-tight seals and double or triple panes to keep your home’s interior as comfortable as possible.
  • Security: Fusion-welded seams and durable locks help our windows provide an additional level of home security.
  • Beauty: Our team of replacement window installation experts is prepared to install a wide range of window styles, from the ever-popular double-hung style to more complex options, such as bay and garden windows.

Our many awards & positive reviews are your quality assurance

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Need financing for your upcoming home remodel?

Obtaining the financing necessary to get their renovation projects off the ground can be a major challenge for many property owners across North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Tampa, Florida and beyond. The good news is, we offer a broad selection of financing options. These come in two main types: Unsecured Loans and Secured Loans. To learn more about what these loans entail and which one is right for you, click on the button below.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between a home renovation and a remodel?

Renovations typically include cosmetic upgrades such as changing the wallpaper, replacing appliances, updating fixtures, and so on.

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Can you get just one window replaced?

Absolutely. That being said, if your other windows are damaged or otherwise not performing as expected, it’s usually more cost-effective to update more of them at once.

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How long would it take to remodel a house?

It depends on the scope and complexity of your project. If you’d like to obtain a precise timeline for your home remodeling service, get in touch with us.

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