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Notes from the field: How Homefix is improving lives

Sometimes our customers ask us why it’s important to work with a GAF Master Elite certified roofers. One of our installers shares a great story here:

“Good evening all. I wanted to share a wild roof experience with you that I came across. This is not an HCR roofing job, but clearly it should have been. Here’s the story…

We all have met that someone who can get a “brand new roof” from their cousin, from Joe from down the street or a random fly by night company for a few thousand dollars. They will always ask why they would need a GAF Master Elite certified roofer. Here’s a good answer.

This new homeowner decided to have their dryer vent professionally cleaned out. Their W&D are on the second floor, so the exhaust vent leads to the roof. The tech doing the cleaning proceeds to find that the vent to the roof appears to be non-existent and finds nothing but piles of lint blown into the decking.

Upon further inspection on the roof of the vent, the dryer exhaust vent was covered with an improper box vent that caused it to become blocked off and the lint to be forced elsewhere. The vent box they used was for bathrooms and not dryer exhausts vents. There is no telling how far back in the roof this issue goes as it was replaced in 2012. Now this homeowner has to have that vent removed, area cleaned as best as possible and a proper vent put in. The family is extremely lucky no fire or other incident occurred.

This is exactly one of the reasons why we use GAF Master Elite certified roofers to install our roofing systems. Attention to detail, plain and simple. Doing it the right way. Improving Homes. Improving Lives. It’s what we do. ”



*** in the pics below, You can see the lint has clogged every opening in the vent. ***



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