Aging In Place, Guide to Bathrooms by Homefix

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Aging in place means seniors must have access to everything on their own. It means that with the right amount of planning, their space can be a safe, familiar place for them to live on their own, or with in-home care as needed. They’re able to maintain relationships with neighbors and other friends — relationships that are crucial to their emotional and mental health as they continue to age.


Maintaining a home can seem like a daunting challenge for seniors, but the reality is that their house or the house of a close relative is more familiar to them. As their senses naturally begin dulling with age, having familiar surroundings is comforting and also makes it easier for them to navigate through familiar routines. Their home environment is also generally cleaner and better for their health, assuming they have the in-home care their health demands. Regardless of which assisted living or nursing home facility you would choose, staff members are often spread thin and despite best attempts to keep everything clean, more people means more germs. More germs are not healthy for aging immune systems as they begin to grow weaker.


When you live in your own home, you can create your schedule — eat when you’re hungry, visit with family and friends for as long as you want to, etc. Seniors don’t have to conform to a specific schedule of dining hours or visiting hours. Instead, seniors who age in place have the flexibility and autonomy that they wouldn’t get if they lived in a nursing home.

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In many cases, aging in place means at home. At this point in their lives, many seniors don’t have a mortgage to pay — they own their homes. So investing in some remodeling projects to make the home ready for aging in place can be much more affordable than paying for full-time nursing home care. Sometimes, the plan is to sell the home to pay for care. The problem is, these homes are often outdated and can be hard to sell, making the financial burden worse. A remodel can provide a better experience for your loved one, while simultaneously being the better financial decision. When in-home care is necessary to help seniors, it’s paid for on an as-needed basis, whereas in a nursing home, you have to pay for care 24/7, which is significantly more expensive.


Whether you’re loved one wants to stay in his or her own home, plans to move into your home, or is going to a new space that has a more senior-friendly design, it keeps families close. You don’t have to move your loved one to a new area, farther from you and the rest of their family and support system.

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Realizing that you want to give your loved one the opportunity to age in place is only the first step. While the desire to age in the comfort of your own home is strong, steps often need to be taken to ensure that the home can support an aging senior. Those steps often come in the form of home modifications — 70% of seniors make modifications to their homes for safety reasons. Home modifications come in all shapes and sizes, from removing the steps from the entryway of the home to adding a stair lift or elevator to access the second floor easily. Bathroom modifications are some of the most popular changes made — 79% of the housing features that seniors find to be most important are in the bathroom.

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With longevity comes a need for safer living spaces, designed with the elderly in mind. As the elderly population rises and more people over the age of 65 have the means for independence, smarter home innovation becomes paramount. Designing or redesigning interiors with your parents in mind is the best way to ensure that home really is where the heart is. Home design for seniors is all in the details.

Have you seen curb-less showers on websites and in magazines and dreamed of a new barrier free shower in your outdated master bath? Is your current shower hard to clean and even harder to get in and out of? Or, perhaps you’ve been looking at doorless showers designs. Maybe both have been at the top of your wish list for way too long now.

This might just be the information you need to nudge in the right direction toward getting that bathroom remodel done once and for all. A great opportunity to start enjoying your bathroom again. It’s a fact that a new walk-in shower could be just the thing for really opening up your bathroom. And, that doesn’t mean just opening it up physically, but also visually as well. A new curb-less shower could be responsible for providing that dramatic facelift that you’ve been wanting and it might not even require a complete change of your entire bathroom layout.

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