Jonathan Morse, Chief Strategy Officer

Jonathan Morse
I am originally from North Miami Beach, Florida. After attending high school in Florida, I went to 2 years of college in Madison, Wisconsin. My initial plan was to transfer to the University of Maryland and work part time in order to put myself through my final years of college. This is where I came to meet the owner of Homefix Custom Remodeling (at that time based out of College park, Maryland) Tope Lala. I started to work at Homefix Custom Remodeling in 1992 as someone in the marketing department and my responsibilities included appointment generation. At that time I noticed a highly talented sales force of my peers, and I instinctively felt that I could produce at the highest level along with them.

Tope gave me the opportunity to move into sales. It was a challenge at first, but through hard work and determination, I persevered and success was right around the corner. After my first six months in sales I was regularly winning awards for my achievements and soon I was the leader of the pack. After roughly two years in sales I was promoted to Sales Manager and I believe I found my true calling. I had always been someone to help and nurture friends and family so this was a comfortable advancement.

Today I am proud to say that I have spent half of my life here and I absolutely love what I have chosen for my career path. The people I work with and the customers that we have is what keeps me going on daily basis. My responsibilities have shifted a bit in 2014 and now as Chief Strategy Officer I am always trying to find productive and creative ways for HCR to maintain its exemplary customer service and outstanding work. But, just like everything in life I am game for the challenge in order to keep HCR at the pinnacle of not only outstanding work and complete customer satisfaction but also maintain a successful and ethically sound sales force.

I am grateful for everything that I have experienced here at HCR and I am a better person for it.

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